The Power of Big Data for Brilliant Events

By Valerie Siganga

At Centrestage Marketing, we task ourselves with always staying ahead of the game, and finding ways that we can help our clients beat their competitors. That is why for every client, no matter how big or small, we come up with a BIG IDEA that will help their event or promotion stand out from the rest. However, our big ideas are not just feel good ideas that are brilliant in the board room, and which bomb on the ground. Out big ideas are based on big data.

The Power of Big Data for Brilliant Events -

We get our big data in numerous ways, starting with analyzing your product and what your competition is up to. We then take this a notch higher, focusing on customer insights and overall effectiveness of your product and brand message. This is broken down into demographic opinions, an assessment of before and after your product has been used, and other information on what your product delivers to the customer.


The fun begins once we have all this information at our fingertips. We create targeted campaigns for direct to consumer marketing, leveraging on all the data that we have accumulated. We also find ways that we can add value, and have stunning ideas on how one can organically begin a trend on social media. We have focus groups, brainstorms and internal evaluations to ensure that we deliver more than our clients expect. Then we go on ground and work our magic.

So, why should you work with Centrestage Marketing? We leave NOTHING to chance when it comes to fulfilling the needs of our clients, and you can tell this from the get-go. Not sure yet? Get in touch with a member of our client service team, and give us a chance to stun you with a BIG IDEA based on BIG DATA.

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