CAMPAIGN: Colgate Oral Health Month, October 2017

OBJECTIVE: Oral Health and Hygiene Awareness in targeted Lower Income Markets and Naivas Outlets

REGIONS: Nairobi and Mombasa

EXPERIENCE: Colgate wanted to offer free dental check ups in select outlets and areas. The brand wanted to own Oral Health Month and to encourage customers to get free oral screening as a promotion of great oral health. The activity was being carried out in Modern Trade and Traditional Trade.

TARGET: 5000 screenings

RESULTS: 8545 screenings

TRADITIONAL TRADE: 6648 screenings, , 1930 toothbrushes give out, 1785 toothbrushes sold, 1785 Colgate Dental Cream sold

MODERN TRADE: 1897 screenings

ACTIVATIONS: 2 Traditional Trade, 10 Modern Trade

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