Seeding and Listing

Brand presence through advertising, product distribution and market penetration are of the utmost importance. But let us not forget the little guy. Do they know about your product or is it just put on the shelf because it is available?

In most Sub-Saharan markets, FMCGs are by and large sold through Traditional Trade (TT). This retail market is diverse and ultra-competitive. The ability for brands to stay top of mind and continue to grow market share in Traditional Trade is highly influenced by their presence not only at the till but also with the retail partners and consumers


The Retailer is the gatekeeper of brands being that he/she interacts with the end consumer daily.For brands interaction with the retailer is key. This has created a situation where the Brand has to become both a supplier and partner at his shop front.

Here at CSM, we are experts in dealing with the TT. We have experience in seeding and listing and we have a geo-mapped retail database of over 23,000 kiosks.

We have direct contact with the TT and we can leverage our past experience to maximize brand presence. We ensure key visibility for brands & merchandising of the given product.

We are able to create pull from the distribution through the line to the consumer via various multi-level activations specifically targeted at each consumer group.

by: Beverly Mutua