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Marketing is continuously evolving, and marketers need to stay ahead of the game. There has been a great revelation in recent and that is…..The consumer and the Shopper may not be the same after all! How is this possible? It is the same person you are speaking to who goes and purchases the product. Where does the difference come in? It all has to do with behavior.

The consumer, is also known as The User and has formed the basis of many marketing proposals and plans. The consumer is the person who uses the product. They have a relationship with the brand. They purchase the product for personal use and it is key that they have a great experience with the brand.

However, there is the shopper to consider as well. The shopper is the person who chooses the product. The shopper makes 70% of their purchase decision while they are in the store. It is the shopper that needs to be targeted with marketing communication.

Here is an example to make it a little clearer. When you are eating a packet of crisps, you are the consumer. When you finish these crisps and want some more, you change and become the shopper.

As marketers with more than 15 years of experience in the Kenyan and African Market, Centrestage marketing is able to distinctly differentiate between the shopper and the consumer. The result? Targeted marketing programs that exceed our client expectations. Results, ROI, brand growth and brand equity are what we know we can deliver. Like the sound of that? Get in touch with Centrestage Marketing for a customized solution.