Established in 2003, CentreStage Marketing is one of Kenya’s most exciting and innovative brand experience and event management company.

We are passionate, dynamic, creative and reliable offering the best experiential solutions that deliver cost effectiveness and excellence that create client satisfaction and confidence. We specialize in experiential promotions, road shows, product launches, in-store promotions, on-the-go promotions and event planning.


We specialize in tailor-made solutions from event planning and management, experiential promotions, road shows and on-the-go promotions, to in-store promotions and product launches, etc.

What we believe

Creativity and innovation have the power to transform people. We believe that we can make a lasting difference for our clients and the consumers. We tap into human truths to guide our creative process.

  • The most powerful connections are made at the level of the heart.

What we do helps us define our clients’ brands in the minds of the consumers. Our services include: –

  • Experiential Marketing Solutions
  • Event Planning
  • Event Production
  • In-Store Promotions
  • On-the-Go Promotions
  • Product Launches’
  • Event Management
  • Road Shows
Products Sampled
People Thrilled
In-Store Promotions
At the point of sale, you have the power to influence the decision that your customer makes.

On-the-Go Promotions
When you need to go to your customer, we do it for you with ease. We activate all over Kenya and Africa at large.

Event Management
Taking care of everything on the ground, including attendees, suppliers, sponsors and so on is at the core of our services.

Event Planning
We conceptualise your event from start to finish, bringing to life all your ideas and taking care of all logistics.

our process

Our motivated team of creative individuals break down a client brief. This gives birth to stunning ideas that are hashed out, beaten down and ironed out until they reveal a stunning result.


We immediately share an experiential presentation with our client as well as a detailed financial proposal. Once we get sign off, we hit the ground running!! Our motivation – Producing Exceptional Results.


Is it over, when the activation is over? For us, No. We ensure that all our clients receive detailed Post Activation Reporting with relevant statistics and all the best moments captured in high quality pictures.

our process
Why choose us
We are passionate, dynamic, creative and reliable offering the best experiential solutions that deliver cost effectiveness and excellence that create client satisfaction and confidence
Retail Seeding Experts
When it comes to ensuring that a product has high visibility and availability in the Traditional Trade, we are the experts. Our current scope is more than 23,500 kiosks and small shops across the country.
Pete the Playtruck
A one of a kind, and only of its kind, mobile playground in East and Central Africa. Pete is the perfect branding and interaction property for progressive companies that want to tap into a younger target market.
Varcity Online
The Youth Oriented Online Campus Magazine that understands the anatomy of the Kenyan Campus Student. Varcity will transform your brand, and help you gain serious traction with the largest TM in the country.
Heritage Brand
14 years experience is no small feat. We have this much experience, and we are still going strong. If you want to grow your brand, a leading agency with a measurable track record is all you need.
The right team for your project
we love what we do
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